The COST of Low Emotional Intelligence for the Organization

  • Lower worker productivity
  • Higher turnover
  • Increased stress in the workplace
  • Low employee morale

The COST of Low Emotional Intelligence for the Individual

  • Passed over for promotions
  • Increased personal stress
  • Negative career impact
  • Lower career satisfaction

The Power of Emotional Intelligence

Close to 90% of top performers have a higher level of emotional intelligence.

— Source: Harvard Business Review

People with high emotional intelligence make significantly more money over their lifetime than their counterparts.

— Source: Journal of Vocational Behavior

Emotionally intelligent people are happier than people with low emotional intelligence.

— Source: Journal Science Direct

Master your mind, and you master your life.

-Ricardo J. Whyte M.D.

Course Overview

Online course sessions employees can do at their convenience or in scheduled sessions. Section completion badges.

Where participants can engage with others going through the course, ask questions, and get feedback.

To support role play
To promote mastery of the concepts

Course Workbook
Reflective Journal
Master Mind Habit Calendar
Additional Resource List

Allows participants to see progress and gauge their growth in emotional intelligence.

Upon successful completion of the course each participant is given a certificate suitable for framing.