What is more fulfilling than a sense of being spiritually centered. Not to say you have all your questions answered but you feel a sense that you are on the right path to answering your questions. Spirituality will be one of the areas in which we are going to identify tools and techniques for helping experience greater balance and wholeness.

This is an area so important it often has just one person in this category. They are literally in a category all by themselves. We are definitely going to have a great time uncovering tools to help us experience much more richness and fullness in our personal lives.

This area has to do with our possessions and acclaim professional and otherwise. It’s not the most important thing but it is still a pretty big deal to make sure we are carefully attending to our possessions and managing them in such a way that they are working for us and not us working for them.

We need to think of our time more like money. We should respond the same way we would respond if a person said hey do you have a spare $20, as we would if they said do you have 20 minutes. We need to put much greater intention into thinking of our time as something we invest rather than spend. People who spend get poor. People who invest wisely get rich.

What do you do to preserve your mental health. So often we think traumatic events just roll off our back like water off a ducks back. How many know that’s not how it works. We can talk about the effective ways to effectively get the help we need.

Purpose we are told is really at the heart of the matter. A man who has a why can get through any how according to Nietche. If you are clear on your reason, you can survive any season.

Rest is so vital we can die if we don’t get enough of it. How many of us are as intentional about obtaining rest as we are about the other vital areas of our life.